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  • SEE THE JEREMY AND ADRIENNE'S VIDEO “Whatever May Come” on YouTube.

  • "I Still Believe" Now Available On-Demand!

    you can now view the movie on your favorite on-demand providers.

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    Although I wrote the song “I Still Believe” in 15 minutes, it’s something I feel I’ve been writing my whole life. It’s surreal to have the perfect people come together so I can share my story of hope in the midst of pain. I hope you’ll be encouraged. Coming soon to you - March 13th, but in the meantime, check out the music that helps bring the movie to life in the soundtrack below. P.S. You may recognize another Camp on the album…

  • Get Your Copy of Jeremy's Book "I Still Believe"

    Newly revised version just released



    Newly revised with additional content to coincide with Lionsgate’s film release, I Still Believe shares Jeremy Camp’s journey of finding hope and healing through life’s toughest moments and the songs that came from his journey that have inspired a generation.


    When Jeremy Camp lost his beloved wife, Melissa, just months after their wedding, the last thing he wanted to do was sing praise to God. But even as he struggled through unimaginable grief and fought to hold on to his faith, God had other plans: Pick up your guitar. I have something for you to write.


    Jeremy obeyed, pouring out his heart, writing about the hope that God was still there, even in his deepest grief. The song he wrote that day, “I Still Believe,” has gone on to inspire millions around the world.


    This is the story behind that song and the movie that was inspired by it. It’s an inside look at Jeremy’s life—from his difficult childhood and teenage years to the tragic passing of Melissa and the spiritual journey that followed, which inspired some of his best-loved songs and led him, eventually, to find love again. I Still Believe is a powerful heart-wrenching book about the strength of undying love and the power of faith.


    If you are wondering...

    This new edition is different from the 2013 publication in several ways: the cover/packaging, obviously, plus a foreword by Bart Millard. Jeremy’s fans who have the first book will definitely want this new edition since several chapters have been updated, including the final chapter; three new chapters have been added; and it includes an eight-page, four-color photo insert!

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